Monday, April 27, 2015

Wild West Preview

The more I look back at my photos from last week's Lake Powell adventure with St. Croix Rod, the more I'm struck by the scenery around the lake. We did a "picture show" last night, putting images on the big screen at home, and it was fun showing my family some of what was around me in the houseboat and in areas I got to fish.

Looking at those big western landscapes also adds to my excitement about the Rebel Trout Trek, the trip Asher and I will be taking this summer. Although we won't be at Lake Powell or anywhere that looks quite like that, for that matter, we will be fishing in many classic Wild West settings, with ultra-clear water, open views and massive rock formations. Obviously, I look forward to seeing all of that and to fishing acclaimed trout waters, but I also look forward to trying to capture some of the grandeur in photos to share.

I also realized the other day that the trip is less than three months away. It seemed like forever when I first started planning but time is passing pretty quickly. Thankfully, many plans are already in place.
I hope you'll keep up with preparation and travel through the summer. I believe it's going to be a great adventure! As soon as I know details about where things will be posted, I'll pass them along.

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