Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tumbleweed Crappie

Tumbleweed, to me, has always been restricted to cowboy music and Western movies. In Utah, tumbleweed is real, and at Lake Powell, it plays an important part in the fishing equation. There maybe various kinds of tumbleweed. I'm not sure. However, the stuff around Lake Powell, which is actually I kind of thistle, I think, breaks off and "tumbles," in the wind or down the hill, which means it collects along the lake's edge, usually in the backs of pockets, and the fish love the cover it offers.

From a practical standpoint, dropping a jig between tumbleweed clusters or casting to such an edge is little different from fishing around other kinds of vegetation in other parts of the country. From a western adventure standpoint, though, the simple fact that we were fishing around tumbleweed added to the whole canyon thing and only added to the fun factor.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the fish in those areas were big, boldly marked black crappie that were willing to eat our jigs!

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