Friday, May 1, 2015

New York State of Mind

Not represented in this photo are about 50 big smallmouths
caught and released on the same day!
As of a yesterday, a little past lunchtime, I thought I'd be home for the next few weeks, writing fish stories and doing only local fishing. Then opportunity arose, and it was one I just couldn't resist. Some time this weekend I'll point the Fiesta north and drive till I get to Lewiston, New York, on the banks of the Niagara River.

Lewiston ranks among my favorite fishing towns, and the annual media gathering I'll be joining is always fun and productive. Last year, it produced one of my favorite fishing days of the entire year in Capt. Frank Campbell's boat on the lower Niagara River. The 10-pound brown pictured above slammed a tube while we were smallmouth fishing, and was among about 50 smallmouths between about 3 pounds and 5-15. To cap the spectacular smallmouth action, which occurred in about four hours at the mouth of the Niagara River, we ran upriver to swifter water and managed to land a steelhead and a laker. Some kind of day, I'd have to say!

Potential opportunities from the same trip also include fishing Erie for big first-season smallmouths, fishing for trout and salmon and Lake Ontario and much more. I fished three days on last year's trip, and each was completely different from the other two. Erie was slower than normal, but one fish I caught weighed 5-11, which is the biggest smallmouth I've ever weighed. The variety of high-quality opportunities is in the Niagara River Region is really pretty astounding.

For now, I suppose I need to scramble to finish some writing, charge some batteries, clear some come cards, pack some junk...

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