Sunday, May 24, 2015

Simply Fun Fishing

Darl Black and I see one another fairly often most years, being invited to many of the same media events. Many, if not most, of those events center around fishing, but most are pretty structured, and the fishing is in shifts with pros or guides with pretty targeted story- and photo-gathering objectives.
This weekend I was going to be within a couple of hours of where Darl likes to fish and runs guide trips, so we decided to get to get together for a day. And while we both always want to gather photos when we fish, there was no event dictating times or objectives. We'd just go fishing.
Because it was Memorial Day weekend, Darl chose Lake Pymatuning, which has virtually no fast pleasure boating traffic due to a 20-horsepower motor limit.
Because so many species are shallow and using similar types of areas during May at Pymatuning, Darl decided we'd make a game of seeing how many species we could catch. Using fairly light tackle for the most part and a variety of smallish baits, including Road Runners, hair jigs, grubs and the like, we ran from spot to spot, fishing weedbeds, stumps, downed trees, humps, points, rocks... Some spots were for specific target species. Others were just for whatever bit.
The light gear mult-species approach was just plain fun, and we ended up catching eight species. Interestingly, there were at least five other species that we could have just as likely caught doing the same stuff, along with a couple of other longshots.
If you're going to be in western Pennsylvania and want to do some fun fishing, I'd definitely suggest checking out Fishing with Darl Black.

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