Friday, June 19, 2015

Father's Day Weekend Start

It wasn't a planned outing. My wife was taking a few of my children to swim in the pond that we often visit, and I felt I was near the end of my productivity, writing wise, for the week. So I grabbed Asher, my 10-year-old, and we grabbed a bit of gear and drove separately to the pond (so we could stay longer, if we wanted to, which we did).

Planned activity or not, I'll count a couple of laps around the pond with Asher as a very nice start to Father's Day weekend. We fished with little Rebel critters lures (him with a Bumble Bug and me with a Micro Craw and then a Crickhopper Popper). We each ended up catching five fish. All except one bass caught by Asher were bluegill, and most were decent sized fish. We also had a bunch of smacks from smaller bluegills. Beyond the one bass caught, we didn't see any others, so I'm thinking that most of the pond's bass have moved a bit off the banks.

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