Saturday, June 20, 2015

One Month Countdown

This time next month I'll be streamside at Dry Run Creek in Arkansas, hopefully watching Asher do battle with a giant trout. We'll have left way early in the morning and driven 650 miles on Day 1 of the Rebel Trout Trek, and Asher will be fishing a creek he's been hearing about for several years from his older brother Nathaniel. No fishing for me at Dry Run. It's a youth-only stream. That's OK. I know from experience with Nathaniel that it's a ton of fun walking streamside, watching and taking photos.

July 20 will be the first of 24 days that Asher and I will travel together. Dry Run Creek and possibly Norfork Dam tailwater, which Dry Run dumps into, will be the only fishing stops that are not in the western U.S. From Arkansas, we'll drive all the way to the Black Hills of South Dakota before we begin fishing again.

Beginning in the Black Hills, we'll fish daily, sometime hitting a few spots in a day, as we loop through the northwestern U.S and visit many classic trout waters in eight different states. Many are places I've long dreamed about, but have never even seen. All fishing will be on public waters, in places where we can simply wade in or launch float tubes.

We'll both have waterproof cameras around our necks and GoPros in our pockets everywhere we fish, and each evening we'll be blog and share stories from the streams from places we've seen that day. I'll do my best to keep up with things on this page, but the best places to track the stories as they unfold and see images and videos will be the Rebel Lures website and Facebook page.


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