Sunday, June 7, 2015

Fishing Week Celebration

National Boating & Fishing Week is going on right now. It began with the weekend and continues through next weekend. With that I mind, I'm headed back to the North Carolina mountains tomorrow for a few days of fishing.

OK, maybe that's not my main reason, but it sounds like as good an excuse as any.

Whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to exploring the North Carolina High Country region and fishing the streams that head up on Grandfather Mountain. We'll mostly fish for trout on this trip, but Tuesday's plan is a float trip down the upper New River for smallmouth bass. Looking at the agenda, it looks like each day's fishing trip will differ from the others quite a bit in character. The common denominator is that we'll be fly fishing.

My agenda for the media trip that I'm attending begins mid-afternoon tomorrow, but I believe I'm going to blast out dark and early and do a little exploration along the way.

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