Friday, June 5, 2015

Kenneth Flies

I've mentioned Kenneth Bugs a few times in past blogs. They are hair jigs tied from the fur of our black dog Kenneth.
I tied the first ones as a novelty, amused by the idea if catching fish from something made from my dog's shed fur (easily amused, I know). However, it didn't take long to figure out that there was something about Kenneth's fur that made it work well in the water. Kenneth Bugs outperformed similar jigs tied from black crafthair, bucktail or marabou. I tie and use them now not for novelty but simply because they produce fish.
Next week's trout outing is a fly fishing trip, though, so I decided I'd better tie some Kenneth Flies to try. Same basic design. (I won't say pattern because I tie every one a little differently.) Just tied on streamer hooks instead  of jigheads.
First two are pictured. I hope to tie several before the end of the weekend. If I end up having opportunity to use them, I'll try to remember to report back how they do!

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