Thursday, June 11, 2015

Golden Opportunity

Despite MANY big trout in the Boone Fork run where I enjoyed the opportunity to fish yesterday, including a few browns and rainbows that I'm sure were more then 30 inches long and with double-digit weights, the golden trout grabbed my focus. Not that the other trout weren't intriguing or seriously fun to catch. They were. I'd just never caught a golden trout before, and with those golden backs, they stood out in the runs and made it painfully obvious that I was drifting flies over or through several of them. I'd also heard that they were the toughest customers of the four trout species that swim in the Refuge, and that only fueled my desire to catch one.

Don't get me wrong. If no golden trout had cooperated, I'd have still had a blast catching big trout on a fly rod, especially considering the fact that quite a few fish blasted 'hoppers or beetles on the surface. Still, they are so visible that every time one charged a fly and did not commit, that built the desire to catch one even more. I also had a few that actually hit and that I failed to hook.

When I finally set the hook and saw a big mustard colored flash beneath the surface I was delighted and hopeful to successfully land the fish, and when Chetola Resort guide Dustin Coffey slid the net under my first golden trout I was delighted. That first of two golden trout I ended up catching was far from my biggest fish that day. In fact, a rainbow I caught a little later was the biggest stream trout of any kind that I've ever caught.

Still, the golden was my favorite, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to catch couple of them and to add No. 21 to this year's fish species list.

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