Monday, June 15, 2015

Something About a Hook

If you target trout in a place where the fish sometimes gain some measure of maturity, I'm guessing you can relate. There's just something about a hooked jaw that makes a trout more of a trophy, and the more accentuated the hook, the more special a fish becomes. In fact, while extremes certainly can change things, I'd say that a noteworthy hook and striking colors tend to trump size in making a particular fish memorable. You might mention a fish's size first, but you continue to refer back to and think about a trout's crazy maw and brilliant colors.

I suppose it's a lot like a banded duck, which is no more difficult to call and shoot than one that isn't adorned with leg jewelry. Those distinguishing features just tend to make certain fish and game animals extra special.

I caught a bunch of big trout fly fishing the Refuge section of Boone Fork in the NC High Country region last week, but the brown pictured above was certainly among my favorites, and I don't think I need to state the reason why!

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