Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Long Past Due Eye Protection

I'd hate to think about how many days I've spent on the water or ice and how many miles I've driven over the years with no protection for my eyes from the sun's most harmful rays. And I'm sure I wouldn't want to know how many more fish I would have caught on many of the same days if I'd had polarized sunglasses to eliminate glare and better reveal fish and cover.

I've needed glasses since I was in elementary school, and my eyes aren't good enough to drive legally or safely without them. Therefore, I've never gotten in a habit of grabbing sunglasses whenever I fished or for driving. I had contact lenses for a few years and wore them only for fishing and driving for the very purpose of being able to wear sunglasses, but I never got to where I liked them, and they made my eyes tired. And when the near vision went, since I didn't like contacts enough to invest in the bifocal sort, I could barely tie knots with contacts in my eyes. I've also tried the over-glasses sorts and clip-ons, but have never found any of either that I really liked. I have sometimes traded my glasses for sunglasses when I didn't need really sharp vision on the water.

The obvious answer to all that is a good pair of prescription polarized glasses. I've known that for a long time, and just haven't don't anything about it. Until now, that is. I finally ordered the glasses I've needed. The arrived just a few days ago, and after a single afternoon pond outing, I really don't know how I went so long without them. It was so incredibly nice seeing clearly, near and far, shaded and with a good polarized look at the water.

The sunglasses are Onos Oak Harbors. As I mentioned, I've only worn them a couple of hours, but they are super comfortable, block the sun nicely and offer a really good look into the water. I'm confident in durability, although I just got them, because Onos offers a lifetime guarantee. If course, I'll have more to report when I have worn them more. For now, I'm just thrilled to have them, especially considering the fact that I'll be driving 8,000 miles and fishing trout waters almost daily throughout the Rebel Trout Trek.

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