Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Trip Promotion & Preparation

With the Rebel Trout Trek less than two weeks away, I'm turning ever more attention toward making certain all our stuff is in order and sharing the story of our upcoming journey so folks can follow. This morning, Asher and I had the opportunity to visit WCHM FM in our own town and talk about our plans. It was Asher's first taste of live radio, and I think he did a fine job. There may be opportunities for us to share from the road, on radio, podcasts or television, so now he's a broadcast veteran!

I'm also working to pass along word to friends in the outdoor media, in case any of them want to write a blog or column so that their readers can follow our travels or in case someone wants to catch up with us along the way.

The need for serious focus on trip preparation has been accentuated by the fact that I'm going to Florida for the ICAST show next week. We leave on the Trout Trek two days after I get home from ICAST, so I pretty much have to treat this week like my final week for getting ready. Fun stuff like packing fishing tackle and planning stops is mostly done. Now I'm having to get more practical and think about things like paying bills ahead of time, getting an oil change for the car, how we'll handle laundry on the road and much more.

The best places to follow the Rebel Trout Trek are at rebellures.com and on the Rebel Lures Facebook page. I'll also share on this page, and Asher will share on ashersamselsblog.blogspot.com.


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