Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Rod Trek

Over the past few week, Asher and I have fished everything from creeks we could leap across to fairly large lakes, and have used everything from tiny Rebel Micro Craws and Micro Minnows to 4-inch Rebel Minnows. Fish likewise have ranged from tiny wild creek trout to a thick-bodied cutthroat that probably weighed close to 7 pounds. Despite all the variety, I fished the entire Rebel Trout Trek with a single rod and reel: a medium light 6 1/2-foot Cabela's Fish Eagle 50 travel spinning rod and a 2000 series Cabela's Verano 2000 spinning reel.

Both rod and reel performed flawlessly, and I spent a bunch of time with them in hand to really put them to the test. The rod cast my tiniest offerings amazingly well but still had enough muscle to battle fish in the current and to land my biggest fish. I also would never know it was a four-piece rod from fishing it. It truly handles like a one-piece rod, but it could be broken down an put in a travel tube and carried on virtually any fishing trip.

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