Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tiny RV

Long story short, something got mixed up with our lodging reservation in an area where everything was booked for miles. After more than a little searching we stumbled across an RV park with a couple of vacant sites. It had the WIFI needed to do my blogging work and some other computer junk, and we could park to sleep without driving way into the mountains after dark to get to Forest Service land or get picked up for for vagrancy!

So a little after midnight, we finally parked the car. We weren't up for putting up a tent and really didn't want to make that kind of commotion, and of course my little car is filled to the gills. So we're just sleeping in the front seat till daylight or discomfort gets us moving. The good news is that we are camped on the banks of the Middle Provo River, which is exactly where I want to start fishing in the morning!

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