Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jug Fishing Lessons

Between living in Georgia and being a big catfish fan, it would seem like I should have some experience fishing jugs for catfish.


Until yesterday morning, I'd never done it before. Let me tell you, though, I'm hooked. It will not be the last time. Beyond being wildly efficient, watching for jugs that are standing or bobbing or swimming and then running them down is incredibly fun. When you grab the line, you don't know whether the fish at the other end will weigh 3 pounds or 30 pounds.

Of course it helped that I got to go with Tony Adams, who is knows Lake Eufaula catfish like few other people and has a refined jug fishing system, and with Eufaula mayor Jack Tibbs, who is also am expert on the lake. It didn't hurt that we had perfect weather and the fish were really biting.

Tomorrow night brings another first -- bow fishing, and I'm definitely looking forward to giving that a try!

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