Monday, December 5, 2016

Vicarious Ice

The St. Paul Ice Show (which is a big one) was last weekend, and friends from the North and the West are starting to post pictures of lakes freezing, gear being prepared, fish from past winters, and even a few fresh ice catches from this season, and all that has me daydreaming.

Most places don't have good ice yet, but a few do, and conditions are changing quickly. I don't have any ice-fishing plans this winter, as of now, and I don't see where hitting the ice will likely fit with work needs, so it might be another winter of vicarious ice fishing.

Don't ask why someone who lives in Georgia wants to travel way north during the winter. I know I'm way in the minority, and it's hard to really explain. I really enjoy ice fishing, though, and I miss the ice culture when I don't get the chance to get up there. I'm originally from Minnesota, and one friend suggests that it's just in my blood. Maybe he's right.

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