Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Photo Game

As much as I enjoy catching fish, I also find big fun with a camera in my hand when I'm out on the water. I'm continually looking at the light and thinking about what might make a nice shot.

The photo part has been especially fun this week because of my new GoPro Hero 3, which I've only had for about a week. I love the effect of the super-wide angle, and I continue to be amazed by the quality of photo a GoPro takes. Mine has WiFi and can be linked with a phone app, but I haven't done that, and I don't have the photo viewing accessory. Therefore I just hold the camera out and press the button, hoping that when I put them on my computer I like what I find. So far, I have.

This morning's photo work was extra fun and easy because I spent a couple of hours with Alton Jones, who I consider one of the best in the business from a photo standpoint. Enough writing about taking photos, though. The afternoon light is about to get good, so it's time to start shooting again!

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