Monday, March 3, 2014

One Quick Pond Lap

The primary purpose of today's pond visit was to slide out in the canoe and grab a few jigs and bobbers we left hanging in trees and bushes yesterday when I bank-fished with a few of the smaller members of my crew. But as long as we were headed that way, Nathaniel and I figured we should tote along a rod apiece. Always time for one quick pond lap, right?

It was indeed a quick lap -- half an hour at the most -- but we did manage to each catch a fish. Nathaniel caught a nice bluegill on one of his first casts, and I snuck one bass out of the corner of the pond. Of course my favorite thing about the fish I caught was that it ate an Ugly Bug (my hand-tied jigs) -- one with a sparkly white body and a pink tail that was already tied to the rod.

Now back to writing fish stories.

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