Monday, July 6, 2015

Bullfrogs, Bugs & a Boat Ride

Eli and I did manage to catch a bass yesterday afternoon, but that didn't really matter. More significantly, we heard bullfrogs croaking as the sun began sinking, saw a spider enjoying a really good catch, and took the johnboat for a lap around the pond.

We both croaked back at the frogs, although I'm not convinced they were impressed. Eli, who is big fan of bugs and somewhat of a collector, wanted to rob the spider of it's dinner, but I vetoed that notion. In the boat, I did the bulk of the paddling, but Eli took control while I was untangling some line. He also did a fine job of paddling us to the shore when it was time to call it a night.

I actually had a work objective for our little evening outing. Eli helped me with a video that I'll share after it is posted. More valuable than my work or catching fish, though, was a bit of one-on-one time outdoors on a summer evening.

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